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Stanford Club Swimming

Stanford Club Swimming

Welcome to Stanford Club Swimming!

We are a diverse group of students united by a love for competitive swimming. We welcome swimmers of all levels to practice, compete, and become a part of our community!

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The team is open to all Stanford students. Our swimmers come from many backgrounds - some swam recreationally in high school; others were nationally ranked and competed at the NCAA Division 1 level. We swim with varying levels of intensity and dedication: both casual swimmers and dedicated athletes are encouraged to check out the team.

To learn more, email one of the team officers. Or simply fill out a liability waiver and come to a workout!

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Practice Times ▸

We hold practices four times a week - Monday through Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00 at the AOERC

There is no minimum or maximum number of practices one is required to attend each week, but it is recommended that you attend as many as you can in order to build team unity and have fun!

Roster ▸

Name Year
A.J. Aldana Freshman
Abigail Zuckerman Sophomore
Adam Elliott Freshman
Aditya Jain Freshman
Alejandrina Gonzalez Freshman
Alex Seutin Junior
Amanda Calebrese Sophomore
Andres Camperi Senior
Athreya Steiger Freshman
Ayushi Chandaria Freshman
Baylee Bakkilla Freshman
Catherine Gao Freshman
Cherry Zou Freshman
CJ Porter
Daniel Hu
Daniela Chang Foxon Freshman
Daniela Gonzalez Sophomore
Danielle Mitalipov Freshman
Delaney Overton Sophomore
Drake Hougo Freshman
Effie Nehoran Sophomore
Ellen Roper Freshman
Emeric Boigne Grad Student
Eric Kilgore Freshman
Grace Lucas Junior
Grant Sivesind Junior
Grant Watson Freshman
Guillaume Barnier phD Student
Halle Payne Junior
Halle Payne Junior
Hanna Payne Sophomore
Harry Cole Freshman
Harry Cole Freshman
Heike Leutheuser VSR
Henry Weller Senior
Jack Beasley Freshman
James Hu Sophomore
Jeff Woo Junior
Jiamin Huang Freshman
Jiang Peicun Freshman
John R. Oberholzer Sophomore
John Reinstra Freshman
John Ribeiro-Broomhead
Jose Giron Nanne Freshman
Josh Whisenant Sophomore
Justin Wilck Freshman
Justin Xu Freshman
Justine Colvin Freshman
Karen Kurosawa
Karen Kurosawa Freshman
Kathleen Chang Freshman
Kelsey Rich Freshman
Kenny Senior
Khaled Jedoui Freshman
Kimberly Chang-Haines
Laura Spielman Freshman
Lea Koob Sophomore
Lucy Edy Freshman
Madeleine Duboc Sophomore
Madison Fish Freshman
Madison Perez Freshman
Michael Zhu Chen Junior
My Nguyen Freshman
Nahla Achi Sophomore
Natasha Moolji Freshman
Nellie Sophomore
Nicholas Lai Freshman
none Freshman
Pippa Thompson Freshman
Raul Girbal Freshman
Rish Gupta Grad Student
Rosa Hamalainen Junior
Sara Berg-Love Senior
Scott Stevens Freshman
Selby Sturzenegger Junior
Shin Mei Chan Junior
Tai Kao-Sowa Freshman
Taylor Merkel Sophomore
Tudor Sandu Sophomore
Vaiva Snapkauskaite Freshman
Veronica Stafford Freshman
Victoria Tsai Freshman
Vikul Gupta Freshman
Vikul Gupta Freshman
Vincent Busque Freshman
Wil Kautz Sophomore
Yusef Rishani Junior

Leadership ▸

Maria Maguire


Coby Palivathukal

Captain of Spirit

Tudor Sandu

The Stanford Fund Officer

John Reinstra

Financial Officer

Vincent Busque


Events ▸


We will be going to Club Swimming Nationals Winter Quarter. Be on the lookout and make sure you sign up here if you want the times you swim to qualify you.

Photo Gallery ▸

April 2015: The Stanford Club Swimming Team hosts its first home swim meet

April 2015: Relaxing at the Santa Clara swim meet

May 2015: Club Sports Banquet

May 2015: End of the year celebration at Nolas

Class of 2019 New Member Rollouts

April 2016: We host our second annual invitational swim meet

April 2016: Awards banquet following our Stanford Invitational Swim Meet

Class of 2020 New Member Rollouts

February 2017: Santa Clara Invitational